Kids say the darndest things. Moira is constantly telling me things I would really rather not hear. Take this morning for instance. I was drying off after my shower and our conversation went something like this:

M: ‘Mom, your belly is WAY bigger than mine.’

J: ‘My head’s bigger than yours, my elbows are bigger than yours, my nose is bigger than yours; it’s because I’m just bigger than you.’

M: ‘I know you’re bigger than me, but your belly is WAY, WAY bigger.’

Nice. Or the time she asked me, ‘When I’m old like you will I have two chins like you do?’ Or when she asked me to turn around in the shower so she could see my bum and then said, ‘Yup, it’s a big one!’. When I was pregnant with Theo I had bad skin. Okay, that’s a bit of an understatement. I have bad skin when there are no spawn growing inside me, I have HORRIBLE skin when there is life within. (Just one of the countless things on my excel sheet titled ‘Reasons why two kids are enough.’) Anyway, she stopped her usual babbling to stare at my face for a while and then started pointing to all my (ahem) blemishes saying, ‘polka dots, polka dots, polka dots’. She’s so kind. Some of the cute things she says are not insulting (thankfully). Like the time she woke up with hiccups when she was 2 and when I asked her where she got them she replied, ‘I found them on my pillow’. One day her friend Annika told Moira that she looked pretty, Moira matter-of-factly retorted, ‘I AM pretty.’ Her pediatrician’s name is Dr. Martinez but for looongest time she called him ‘Dr. Penis’, to his face! Luckily he’s got a good sense of humour!

For this, and so many other reasons I created an email account for Moira when she was 15 months old and began emailing her every two months. Sometimes the drafts sit for a while and I’ll add to the message as she does things or there is a significant event in her life. The emails usually gush about how much I love her and all the funny and adorable things she does and says. I did the same for Theo. He actually got emails from birth, so in one measly realm of his youngest-child-world, he wins! The other day Moira was making up songs set to the tune of twinkle, twinkle, I had to stop and watch her while her creative, uninhibited, kid brain worked on some pretty awesome rhymes and really absurd lyrics. Like almost everyone I know, I’ve got a really busy life, but I’m careful to take the time to savour important and poignant moments when they happen. All those clichés about ‘time flying’ and ‘they don’t stay little for long’ are so true and some days I put my head on my pillow and mourn the day that has passed because my babies are another day older, another day closer to not needing me as much as they do right now.