I’m Jody:

Mom of two (MOIRA 4, THEO 18 mths).

Wife of one?



Dog owner.

Small business owner.


Graphic designer.

Things I love:

  • my kids (good GOD do I love them),
  • my husband (so cute, so helpful and so amazing),
  • my sisters (they’re my best friends),
  • my parents (best in the world, I’ll sucker punch anyone who wants to disagree with me on this one),
  • my dog (poor, sweet, adorable, neglected Zinnia),
  • cooking (pretty good at it, just don’t like the clean up)
  • wine & beer (I’m a bit of a beer snob, but I wouldn’t know good wine if someone smacked me over the head with it),
  • hockey (so not that good, but my hockey pals tolerate my lack of skills b/c of my killer sense of humour?),
  • photography (even though it’s my job and I sometimes neglect to take the camera out when not working, it does bring me closer to my creative self, who, let’s be honest, is slightly neglected these days),
  • gardening (I have so little time for it, but I love digging in the dirt and getting my hands dirty),
  • sewing (again, not enough time, but there’s a real sense of accomplishment when someone is wearing something you made with your own two hands [and a sewing machine]),
  • football (the basement renovation means we watch very little tv, but I do love my Vikes),
  • 30 Rock (too funny for words; Alec Baldwin is a comic genius),
  • So You Think You Can Dance (enough said, holla!).

I imagine I could go on forever. But you get the gist of it.


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